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Logistics Freight Solutions from Vector Transport- a Better Way to Ship

April 25, 2017

When you need to move products to customers, you incur shipping costs. This is just one of many things that must be taken into consideration when running a supply chain. When you come to Vector Transport, you receive many logistics freight solutions for your business. We offer a better way to ship your products and here are some important reasons why. Read more...


Do Higher Shipping Rates Guarantee Better Carrier Service?

March 24, 2017

When you pay more for something, you expect to receive superior products or services. In other words, the finer things in life cost more. Paying more for shipping doesn't guarantee better services. In fact, unless you use a trusted freight broker agent like Vector Transport, you could pay more than you need to. Read more...


Cut the Cost of Shipping Refrigerated Items with 3rd Party Shipping

March 24, 2017

Shipping products to customers is a major operating expense for any business that doesn't retail on site. Things become much more complicated if you must ship perishable items and keep them cold. You can get your goods to market and in the hands of the customer in the most cost-effective manner when you follow these helpful refrigerated shipping tips from Vector Transport. Read more...


Logistics Freight Solutions to Streamline Your Shipping

February 01, 2017

Medium- to large-size manufacturers require experienced professionals at various levels of the organization to achieve consistent success. When logistics, freight and shipping considerations need to be addressed, a great deal of skill and experience is required to ensure products, merchandise and other items are delivered safely and on-time. Read more...


Offsite 3PL Services Make the Difference

February 01, 2017

Shipping is the major step that follows the manufacturing process, and it is important to have shipping done right. If you have made an investment in your products, you need transportation professionals who know how to deliver your items with speed and efficiency. Read more...