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Do Higher Shipping Rates Guarantee Better Carrier Service?

April 03, 2017

When you pay more for something, you expect to receive superior products or services. In other words, the finer things in life cost more. Paying more for shipping doesn't guarantee better services. In fact, unless you use a trusted freight broker agent like Vector Transport, you could pay more than you need to. Here are some reasons why.

Higher Priced Services

Suppose you need to ship a load 1,000 miles and the best rates you can get are $2 a mile. Your broker checks with several carriers and takes advantage of volume discounts. He finds you the same deal with the same carrier for $1.90 per mile. Ten cents doesn't seem like much, but it comes to $100 less for the same service. In some cases, savings are a lot more than $100.

A Tale of Two Freight Companies

Let's look at two shipping companies. One is local and cannot afford the best trucks or drivers. They have to charge more to stay in business. The other company is a large carrier with the best equipment and qualified drivers. They keep their rates competitive due to high volume. In this case, you pay more for inferior service.

You Don't Have to Pay More

Many people avoid third-party services because they think they pay more. After all, a middleman must mark up prices to make money, right? The truth is, you actually save money with a good freight broker agent. An agent is not really a middleman. He is a third-party logistics provider. A broker is your representative and looks out for your best interests.

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