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Logistics Freight Solutions from Vector Transport- a Better Way to Ship

April 25, 2017

When you need to move products to customers, you incur shipping costs. This is just one of many things that must be taken into consideration when running a supply chain. When you come to Vector Transport, you receive many logistics freight solutions for your business. We offer a better way to ship your products and here are some important reasons why.

Freight Specialists

Vector Transport’s service is simple- we deal in freight and have done so for more than 20 years. Anytime you want a free quote on shipping, you can visit our website. It only takes a few minutes and a rep contacts you promptly. You can track the status of your load 24 hours a day.

Vector President Joe Estess is an experienced shipper. He understands the business first-hand and brought all of his knowledge and experience to the brokerage. He and his team members know how to get you logistics freight solutions at the most affordable rates.

Carrier Certification

When you ship through Vector, you can expect to receive the best carrier service. We only accept carriers with excellent reputations. We run background checks and look into all aspects of their businesses. Carriers must show insurance certification, and as a shipper, you receive the benefits of a $100,000 TIA Performance Certified Surety Bond.

No Long-term Commitments

Most businesses don't want the hassles associated with long-term commitments. We understand that. Vector Transport doesn't ask you to sign long-term contracts.

Outstanding Customer Service

Nothing is more frustrating than calling about a problem and getting voicemail. This doesn't happen with Vector Transport. We offer 24-hour services, and you will always speak to a real person in real-time. To learn more about logistics freight solutions from Vector Transport, call our toll-free number 800-272-5897 or click here to visit our contact page.