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Offsite 3PL Services Make the Difference

February 01, 2017

Shipping is the major step that follows the manufacturing process, and it is important to have shipping done right. If you have made an investment in your products, you need transportation professionals who know how to deliver your items with speed and efficiency. Freight brokers and offsite 3PL professionals like Vector Transport can help minimize the concerns associated with the shipping process by providing the resources you need to help ensure success in the shipping phase of your operations. At Vector Transport, we understand the process of shipping to a ‘T’ and can fulfill your logistics and shipping needs with the highest level of professionalism and reliability.

Some of the benefits of working with quality offsite 3PL and freight brokers are as follows:

Reduces Costs and Saves Time

Saving time and money in any production or distribution operation can benefit any company. Freight brokers and offsite 3PL professionals are able to help shippers save time and money by aligning them with the right shipping solutions. It is their job to source and connect your freight with dependable carriers who will deliver the results your company expects. By outsourcing these tedious and time-consuming tasks to a third party like Vector Transport -- whose sole function is managing freight – you will benefit from a much more efficient process, and we are typically able to negotiate lower rates utilizing our gross volume.

Shipping Regulations Covered

Working with or through professional freight brokers or offsite 3PL professionals ensures that you will be covered when it comes to staying compliant with all state and federal regulations. If you’re not in the shipping business, staying on top of all current laws and regulations would be overwhelming. The brokers will make sure the shipping solutions you receive include total adherence to legal and compliance regulations. Vector Transport takes our services a step further by also insuring your load with a $100,000 TIA Performance Certified Surety Bond. This will ensure your livelihood is always protected, no matter what may happen.


Having been in business since 1990, we understand that your load is also your livelihood, and it should be treated and respected as such. That’s why we have set new standards for shipping that are a cut above other offsite 3PL services. Our exclusive On Track, On Time advanced shipping solution has given us an impeccable on-time rating. And to further improve your shipping experience, our planning experts will streamline your shipping efforts using the latest trends and technologies available – all without binding you to a contract. We want to earn your business on every shipment!

We believe only the best carriers should be entrusted to care for your load, so we introduced the Vector Certified Carrier program. Anyone who drives under the Vector name has passed a rigorous three-step certification process, including an extensive background, safety, and reference check.

If you need shipping services that are reliable and on-time, be sure to contact us at Vector Transport. We have a broad range of experience and a track record that is verifiable and consistent. Our reputation speaks for itself! 662-844-5264