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Truckload & 3rd Party Shipping with Vector – More Than Just Transporting a Load

At Vector Transport, we don’t just provide 3rd party shipping solutions for our customers. We protect their livelihoods with every shipment.

We understand that delivering your products on time and in perfect condition—for less—is vital to your business’s health. That’s why we offer our exclusive Advanced Shipping Sense standards, which provide many streamlined, customizable solutions that other 3PL service providers lack. When you trust Vector with your shipment, we handle everything from pickup to delivery – including all of the communication and tracking in between. At the end of the day, you’ve saved time and money and can relax knowing that your shipment is in the best care possible.

An Offsite 3rd Party Shipping Company Where Personal Relationships Matter

Our world-class customer service is second to none in the logistics industry. At Vector, customers are like family, so we make it a priority to understand their business and protect it. We know that transport is not a Monday-Friday, 9-to-5 business. That’s why you can always reach us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to check on your freight—your livelihood. Our expert team members are skilled at building strong relationships with their clients and are trained to closely track and monitor loads as well as predict market rate fluctuations using the latest technology.

Your dedicated representative takes personal responsibility for each load you ship with us. That’s why he or she will also track the driver’s progress the old fashioned way: By talking to him directly.

Full Truckload & 3rd Party Shipping That's Customized To Your Individual Needs

Our team offers every customer a tailored service that's personalized to your specific needs. We get to know your busy days, your bottlenecks and your problem destinations, and then do everything we can to ensure your freight gets where it needs to go, on time and within the agreed budget. Needing a specialized truck to carry your product? From a reefer in Mobile to a flatbed in Spokane, our knowledgeable representatives can find you the right truck, at the right time – anywhere in North America.

As a company that always acts with integrity, we are proud of our reputation for exceptional shipping and honest, up-front service.

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